Wills and Probate Video Library

Confused about Wills and Probate? It can seem complicated, which is why we’ve created a selection of short videos to help guide you through some of the more commonly asked questions.

And remember, if you have any questions at all the Team is just a phone call away.

Happy watching!

Video 1: What happens if you don’t leave a Will?

What happens to your family if you die intestate, i.e. without a Will? Rebekah Hillman explains the process here.

Video 2: What would happen to your business if you died without a Will?

Small business owners, you must watch this video! Rebekah Hillman talks you through all important factors on estate planning and how to make sure that your business in remains in good shape should the worst happen.

Video 3: Common Law misconceptions; Why a Will is essential for unmarried couples

Many people who have lived together for a long time are shocked when they discover what their true legal position is. Rebekah explains why here

Video 4: Probate; what you really need to know

Rebekah Hillman explains everything you need to know about Probate and what to do when someone dies.

Video 5: The truth about Inheritance Tax

Often misrepresented in the Press, Inheritance Tax is an issue that is having an impact on more and more families. Here Rebekah tells you what you can do to help lower the burden.

Video 6: Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney and why is it so important. Rebekah answers all your questions right here.