Inheritance Tax

If you own a property in the South East, you will more than likely have to pay inheritance tax. Act now to minimise the impact on your family.

There is much media attention surrounding inheritance tax, and with £2.9 billion paid in Inheritance Tax last year alone, it is easy to see why.

Currently, The Inland Revenue will receive 40% of your estate over the Nil Rate Band unless you plan in advance.

With the Nil Rate Band currently being a mere £325,000 (September 2012) Inheritance tax will affect most homeowners in the South East.

Act early, act now

There are many ways in which both couples and individuals can minimise their inheritance tax liability. We can help you plan to minimise or even eradicate any potential IHT liability and pass as much of your estate as possible to whom you choose rather than the Inland Revenue.

For further information on how you can make sure your home goes to your loved ones and not in tax to the Government, please visit our resource page or give Rebekah a call on 0800 29 88 66 1.