Write your Will now, because a true holiday starts with peace of mind

As the holidays approach we often see an increase in people coming to get their family Will sorted.

Over the years we have definitely noticed that as families prepare to fly off to some exotic destination or other, the idea of the whole family getting on a plane together focuses the mind and induces in a large number of us that ‘what if?’ scenario.

It certainly makes a lot of sense from where we’re standing. Intestacy laws are not what many people expect, and should the worst happen your surviving family members will find things much more difficult unless they have a legally watertight Will in place.

Without a Will the intestacy rules can certainly become a little awkward. Probate, the process of passing your assets to your surviving beneficiaries, takes longer.

This can obviously lead to financial difficulties in some circumstances.Dealing with banks and other financial institutions will certainly become more difficult without the correct documents, but above all you could find people inheriting who you did not want to.

For example, don’t assume that just because you and your partner have been living together for 10 years that they will be automatically entitled to your assets; they will not.

Your partner will have to contest in court in order to have their rights recognised, which is a stressful, costly and long-winded process.

If you have children from a previous relationship they too could find themselves falling foul of the intestacy laws as everything automatically passes to your spouse.

The bottom line is that people without Wills, who have family and property, are taking a very irresponsible approach to their affairs; so is it any wonder that you get that niggling doubt in the back of your mind as they dust down the passports and fish out the flip flops.

We know that writing a Will is something that many people put off doing, as it often requires some pretty difficult decision making. But so many of our clients tell us afterwards what a thoroughly positive experience it was and how much better they feel for having got their affairs in order.

Writing a Will is not costly, not complicated and frees you of that niggling sense of guilt that comes from knowing deep down that you are not doing your job properly.

So before you jet off to the beaches of the World to enjoy a break, why not do something that enables you to kick back and relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday with the one thing that we all crave when we are away most of all: Genuine Peace of Mind.T

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