Remember A Charity in Your Will Week!

Remember a charity in your will week

Remember a charity in your will week

From 11-17 September, we are calling on everyone to remember a charity in their will.

As part of the campaign to ‘Have Your Say on the World You Want to Pass On’ we are asking everyone to think about the impact you can have by leaving a legacy to your charity of choice.

The campaign will be kicking off in London with a roadshow that takes in iconic venues from the 1960s in five of the UK’s biggest cities.

It’ll travel from London to Bournemouth, Norwich, Liverpool and Edinburgh, spending a day in each city.

Charities and supporters will be invited to record their vision for future generations and share it on social media using #HaveYourSay.Strangely, while 75% of us donate to charity, only 6% of us actually remember to leave something in our Will.

Remember that a legacy doesn't have to be a large sum of cash. Our clients leave all sorts of things, from shares to paintings to jewelry and antiques.

It all helps, so have a think about what you might like to leave.

If you would like to find out how we can help you make a legacy in your Will, get in touch with us on 020 8340 3102 and we’ll explain how you can update your existing Will.

Many UK Charities depend of legacies to survive, so make sure you give something back at the end of your life by supporting your favourite charity.