How much will you really be thinking of your family this Christmas?

Christmas may be a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate, but each year we see the devastating effects on families caused by people who pass away unexpectedly without having their affairs in order.

It might not be the most festive point to make, but sometimes we do wonder what the point of is of all these families sitting around toasting each other’s good health when they are effectively leaving them to the wolves of HMRC and UK Intestacy Law?

Every year we have families come to us with heart-breaking problems because a member of the family passed away without leaving a genuine Will behind.

These range from money going to people who the deceased did not particularly like, to much more serious issues such as families being forced to sell their homes to pay for inheritance tax.

This can mean bereaved spouses having to move areas, children changing schools and losing friends, all at a time when they are already going through immense pain.

Every year approximately two out of every three people die ‘intestate’ – without having made a Will – and it is, frankly speaking, a ridiculous and totally unnecessary situation to find oneself in.

A Will is a simple document that can be arranged quickly and conveniently. The amount of effort it takes, compared to the amount of grief you can cause your family by not having one, is akin to the difference between the air movement from a butterfly and a force 9 hurricane.

Putting a Will in place could secure your children’s’ futures for the rest of their lives. It could stop a vulnerable loved one from squandering their inheritance or having it swindled from them.

It could mean that huge decisions about your family’s future will be decided according to your wishes rather than a courtroom, a judge and some semi-interested lawyers.

So yes, Merry Christmas and all that, but don’t let 2016 be the year that your lack of sensible estate planning comes back to haunt you like the spectre of Jacob Marley with a Boxing Day sized hangover.

Get your affairs in order for 2016 and give your family the gift of security this Christmas. Talk to us today about making or reviewing your Will, contact Hillman Legal Partnerships on 0800 29 88 66