Legal Services Board recommends regulation surrounding wills be put in place

The Legal Services Board has encouraged the Lord Chancellor to put in place proper regulation surrounding the creation of wills.

According to the Board, "comprehensive evidence" that proves some Britons who sought wills from unregulated companies felt 'financial loss' and 'emotional harm' after doing so.

As a result, it believes proper regulation could help reduce the risk of consumers being taken advantage of, reports.

The Board believes those using will-writing services should be able to access the Legal Ombudsman if they feel something has gone wrong.

The recommendation was welcomed by the Law Society, but it may not be enough, according to its president - Lucy Scott-Moncreif.

"We remain concerned that there is no regulation or monitoring in place to ensure that administrators do not misappropriate the estate's assets,"

she said, before adding:

"It is becoming more difficult to assist consumers to identify reputable service providers. The evidence hints at many more cases where beneficiaries do not obtain what they should."

The recommendations from the Board and Scott-Moncrief do not mean Britons shouldn't use professional help when creating a will though, as suggested that DIY will scan lead to mistakes that can render wills 'ambiguous'.

It advised those wishing to create a will to either approach a solicitor, or a will-writing company that is registered with trade bodies like the Society of Will Writers or the Institute of Professional Will writers.