Hillman Legal Partnerships acquires Wickham Wills

Hillman Legal Partnerships is pleased to announce that we now provide Wills and Probate services across Kent and Surrey thanks to our new partnership with Wickham Wills.

With consultants across the London and the Home Counties, our Hillman Legal consultants can visit you in the comfort of your own home – at a time of your choosing - to discuss matters ranging from writing a new Will, updating your existing Will, Living Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney,

Trusts and Probate.Our consultants are available to visit in the following areas:

  • London – All postcodes

  • Essex

  • Hertfordshire

  • Kent

  • Surrey

  • Berkshire

To discuss your existing Will or to find out more about any of the services we offer, please call a member of the team today on 0800 29 88 66 1.

Why update your Will?

Keeping your Will up to date is important as changes in your professional or family circumstances can greatly alter how you would want your assets to be distributed.

A Will should always be reviewed in the event of a marriage or new addition to the family, a death, a divorce or even a change of career, such as setting up a new business or taking on a business partner.

All of these events can have legal implications that need to be addressed in your Will so it is vital that you speak to someone about getting your Will updated if one of them has occurred.

Who are Hillman Legal Partnerships?

We are an established specialist Wills and Probate firm from Crouch End in North London. We have been in business for over a decade and in that time helped many families to get their affairs in order or deal with Probate - the difficult administration processes required following the death of a loved one.

We pride ourselves on being a warm, open and professional organisation that works closely with our clients to deliver exceptional levels of service.

Our motto is ‘Affordable Peace of Mind’. We know that the service we offer helps you to protect the ones you love and we take our commitment to getting this right very seriously.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your Will or any of the other Estate Planning services we offer, please do hesitate to get in touch on 0800 29 88 66 1 or email info@hillmanlegal.co.uk