Funeral plans: inflation busting peace of mind

Planning your own funeral might not be the cheeriest thing you’ll ever do, but taking the time to do it now can bring a number of important benefits for both you and your family.

Whereas our Victorian ancestors liked nothing more than planning for the afterlife, it seems that we no longer have the stomach for it.

But a funeral plan not only saves you and your family money, above all it removes a large amount of stress from your loved ones at precisely the time when they need help the most.

A modern funeral plan lets you make all the necessary arrangements while you’re still alive, but more importantly, it allows you to pay for it at today’s prices.

The great thing about paying for your funeral in advance is that the longer you live the more money you save.

You can relax knowing that all the costs have been taken care of without worrying about inflation.

So if you bought your funeral now, and lived another 20 years, you would be paying 2013 prices in 2033.

With the average cost of a funeral rising from £2225, in 2006, to £3500 in 2012, you can see the enormous benefits to be had from this type of planning.

In fact, most experts predict an average funeral to cost upwards of £5000 within the next five years.

Not only will you save money in the long run, but there is also a great sense of inner peace that comes with knowing that your family won’t be saddled with an enormous and unexpected future bill when they least need it.

But it isn’t just about saving money. By arranging a funeral plan you’ll be helping your friends and family by letting them know exactly what it is you want.

This saves them from the difficulty of having to work it out amongst themselves. In our experience this can often lead to family arguments. It’s also worth noting that you’ll be making sure that you get exactly what you want too.

Funeral plans help you tremendously. Should you fall seriously ill they’ll be no need to have any difficult bedside conversations, as everything will already be taken care of. 

They are also ideal for single people and those of us who don’t have family.Making a funeral plan is easy and can be arranged quickly with a simple form.

If you are interested in a funeral plan for yourself or a family member please don’t hesitate to get in touch.