Baroness urges older generation to not fixate on will amendments

Baroness Joan Bakewell has advised those of advancing years against fixating an unhealthy amount on their wills, reports.

The 80-year-old Labour peer has claimed that too many people obsess over their wills and end up making small amendments depending on who in their family is in or out of favour.

In doing so, however, these people could end up paying so much attention to just one issue that they lose out on enjoying the latter years of their lives, she added.

Whilst wills are important for individuals to ensure their assets are divided up in accordance with their wished after death, Lady Bakewell claimed people shouldn't get eaten up by them.

"People care passionately about their legacy," she told

"As they get older, they consider how their worldly goods will be disposed of.

They make wills and remake them, juggling bequests according to whom is in or out of favour."

This obsession over the division of family heirlooms is one of two strains of thought the former government's 'Voice of the Older Person' identified.

The other was those who don't concern themselves too much with the division of material items but instead ponder how things could have turned out if certain situations were approached differently.

Parting with some advice, Lady Bakewell urged more people to live a little more the way that she does; in the here and now.

It creates, she said, a complete absence of worry and regret, leaving her to get on with living her own life.